March 2012

Hygiene Horror Stories | The Chocolate Fountain

I have a friend with a fear of publicly shared food. She does not “do” pot lucks. She does not partake in that coffee cake in the lunch room. And, chocolate fountains? Forget it. Just mention the word and she shudders uncontrollably.

I always thought it was just her hang up. I mean, hello?! It’s chocolate! Then, I got to thinking. Not everyone out there is, um, conscious of the consequences of their actions. They are not thinking about germs and calories, but about indulging and having fun. They may not even be aware that double-dipping is not just dipping the actual strawberry a second time, but also includes using the same skewer more than once. If it was in your mouth and you put it back into the chocolate flow, you just added your saliva to the mix. Nice!

Green Color Schemes | Think Spring

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I thought we could discuss green color schemes for weddings. Green is also the color of spring and new beginnings so we have a lot of options.

1.    If you wanted an Irish-themed wedding to reflect your (or the groom’s) cultural heritage, that’s great. A wedding dress with a green sash would be amazing. Crisp white and a nice Kelly green are a classic combination that never goes out of style. If you want to push it over the top, throw some orange into the mix.